Even UP: A UK and Irish University Presses Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity

UK and Irish university presses are committed to equity, diversity and inclusivity in our workplaces, in who we work with and in what we publish.  Recognising that different presses and parent institutions have their own EDI initiatives but eager to collaborate in order to amplify them, we undertake to:

  1. Share best practice for EDI across presses.
  2. Commit to using either the AUPresses survey tool to collect demographic data, or our own surveys of comparable quality, in order to assess and understand areas in which we can improve, benchmarking across presses where appropriate.
  3. Create and share a programme of training and events, such as guest speakers, webinars, online symposia.
  4. Promote and demonstrate transparency and equal opportunity in recruitment and career progression processes in university presses, including:
    • paid internships,
    • listing salaries/salary bands on all entry level roles and on all recruitment advertising, subject to commercial or confidentiality requirements,
    • inter-press career mentorship for colleagues from under-represented groups.
  5. Work together to raise awareness of career opportunities in our presses with groups that are currently underrepresented in scholarly publishing.
  6. Have a designated lead for equality, diversity and inclusivity in our organisations and have those leads meet regularly.

Signatories (alphabetical):

Bristol University Press

Cambridge University Press

Cork University Press

Edinburgh University Press

Goldsmiths Press

Harvard University Press (UK office)

Liverpool University Press

LSE Press

Manchester University Press

MIT University Press (UK office)

Oxford University Press

Princeton University Press (European office)

Scottish Universities Press

University College Dublin Press

University College London Press

University of London Press

University of Wales Press

University of Westminster Press

Yale University Press (UK office)